Halloween 2021

T-Shirts Sizes available are:

Children - (3-4), (5-6), (7-8), (9-11), (12-13).
Ladies/Gents XS, Ladies/Gents Small, Ladies/Gents Medium

St Patrick's day t-shirt design competition

We have a great competition for you!

Simply design your very best St Patrick's day T-Shirt. The winner will have there T-Shirt manufactured for them and 5 of their friends.

Send your entry to competitions@feis.app  Winner will be selected on 20th or March!

Download the template here!


Send your friends and family some luck with this lucky charm message. tag them and pass it on!  Download the image here!

Send us your bloopers

Send us your bloopers and if we show your clip on our socials we will send you free merchandise.

send your videos into support@feis.app
Please include:

Name, Address and Size for clothing...